History: The "Remençes"


The first constructions of the house took place in the XII century and after it there have been various renovations and new constructions. The name of Can Sala comes from the family name of Pere Joan Sala.

Door inscription: Successors de esta recordaus dels passats. Gaspar Sala me facit 1780”

Pere Joan Sala was the landlord of Can Sala and became the leader of the second remença revolution of Catalonia, which took place in the year 1484. The farmers revolted against lordly censuses, beginning in Mieres and spreading until the provinces of  Vallès, Maresme and Baix Llobregat.  At the month of March 1484, Pere Joan Sala was beaten and put into jail, where they executed him in public that same year. After this revolution, the Sentència arbitral de Guadalupe” was created, which redeemed the misuse to the peasants and other stately abuses.

Today, in Vall del Llémena, we celebrate the "Festa Remença", an event in which they remember all the farmers from the past that fought for freedom and to defent their land. Every year its celebrated in a different village from the valley, in 2012 it took place here in Can Sala. 


Pictures of the "festa Remença".




History. Promtion video of the 2d "Festa Remença"




 Essays of the 3d "Festa Remença" in Can Sala

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