Agro ecological production

In Can Sala, since the beginning of 2015, we have initiated a new part of our activity oriented to the agro ecological production of vegetables and fruit.
So, besides the chicken, horses, sheep and goats that help us manage the estate at the same time that they provide us with eggs and fertilization of first quality, we cultivate three different zones dedicated to vegetable gardens plus about thirty fruit trees.



How do we produce?

At Can Sala we have the CCPAE seal (Consell Català de Producció Agrària Ecològica) that certifies our good practices in the organic production and that releases from our compromise with the wild and cultivated biodiversity. We want to recover gradually the productive past of this estate, while we give our guests the possibility to be part and get to know firsthand what we do.

A compromise that goes from the production to the consumption, with the impulse of the organic food inseparably tied to our activity.



Where can you find our products?
All that we produce in the estate is dedicated, first of all. To the kitchen of the house. We believe that there is no better way to promote a healthy way of eating, balanced and respectful with the environment than the one that is explained and showed from its origin and that is consumed next to where it is harvested.

We also sell the products directly here in Can Sala.

You can find the as well in the shop Bio’s Ecomercat, in Girona, where you will be able to get organic vegetables harvested only 15 km away, at the foot of the Rocacorba mountain, as well as a big range of organic products.



Do you want to know more?

If you follow us on Facebook on Can Sala & Bio’s Ecomercat, you will find information and news from our day to day activities.

If you still want to know more, knowing and sharing issues about the garden and with extended information about Can Sala, you can visit Joel Ferrer’s blog, the person that takes care of the productive part at the estate. You will find it here Sota el Sol.

And if you are willing to see it live, come and visit us, we will show you the vegetable gardens and all that we do with great pleasure.

We don’t want to forget here all the people that, through the WWOOfing program, as well as all the different training programs in which we contribute, have put their efforts and enthusiasm to make this agricultural environment possible.


 In 2016 Can Sala became a partner – a hosting institution in a two-year VET Project in the Erasmus+ Programme which has been carried out with Zespół Szkół Ponadgimnazjalnych in Bierutów, Poland. In May and June 2017, ten students had a placement in Can Sala. During the trips organized by Can Sala (Girona, Barcelona, Costa Brava), they were discovering the culture of Catalonia and charms of the region.

 The main objective of the Project is to teach students about the organic production so they can become aware producers who use gained experience on the Polish market and on their own farms. 

Their knowledge and competences acquired during the learning period cover all areas of tasks which are done on an ecological agritourism farm, such as agricultural methods which preserve ecosystem and the environment. 

The students learnt about various methods of plant production, soil preparation, mowing, using various machinery like tillers, using natural fertilizers and composting, crop rotation, looking after farm animals and cultivation taking in consideration the diferent species that work well together, to avoid pests and diseases. 

The project carried out was a succes. Students did both theory and practice. They learnt about all the cicle that an organic garden has, from it's starts and to keep on going. 





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